Reddit AMA

Missed my last AMA? Never fear, because we’ve got a new one on the books for Friday, May 5 at 12 pm ET on the r/books thread. (You can find me under the username M-L-Rio.) Mark your calendars and bring your questions!


Upcoming Events

Mark your calendars for May. I’ll be making two appearances on the East Coast to launch the Barnes & Noble exclusive edition of If We Were Villains. You can catch me in Rockville, MD on May 5, or at Union Square in New York City on May 8. I’ll be in conversation with two fabulous authors, Elyse Martin and Elisabeth Thomas, and signing books after the chat. Please note that the Union Square event is ticketed, so be sure to snag a stub before they’re gone. You can find more event details here for Rockville, here for Union Square, and on my events page.

See you soon.


London Calling

Writing with a quick update to say we’ve added a second night at Waterstones Trafalgar Square next week, since so many people missed out on the first batch. You can snag tickets for my Wednesday appearance here.

Hope to see you soon! But if you can’t make it, don’t worry–I’ll be leaving signed stock with a couple other bookshops around the city. Follow me on socials for the most up-to-the-minute updates.


5th Anniversary Edition Release

Well, it’s here.

A lot of people have been working together to make this special edition a reality, since way back in December of 2021. Our marvelous illustrator, Angie Hoffmeister, really captured the atmosphere of the story, and the good people at Titan Books gave it a dust jacket worthy to contain the artwork inside. As for me, I’ve spent hours at my desk, or my coffee table, and even hotel bars or elsewhere on the road, signing 25,000 tip-ins. It’s humbling to think that that many people might want to have a piece of paper I scribbled and creased and spilled coffee on; it’s surreal to see all our efforts come together in a physical object you can have and hold.

Of course, since I’m still in the States, many readers will get their hands on it before I do. But that’s okay–this book really belongs to you. Without the readers who rallied behind it, there would have been no reason to do this thing in the first place. So thanks, from me and everybody on the UK Villains team.

Time for the inevitable plug: if you haven’t ordered yours yet, you can do that here. Because they’re signed and my arms can only withstand so much, quantities are limited.

Happy reading.


IWWV Screen Adaptation

Some big news today.

My agents and I have been working on this quietly for some months, and it’s surreal to finally be able to share. We waited a long time for the right offer from the right people, and this promises to be an incredible collaboration.

To be clear, an option is just that–an option–but it’s a pretty groovy one and I’m excited to be a part of the team trying to bring this thing to life. You can read more about the project and the team here, here, and here, but the best way to keep up with news is to follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

More to come.


First Look at 5th Anniversary Edition

We’re excited to give you a glimpse at the illustrated anniversary edition of Villains, which will be published in the UK by Titan Books this fall. It’s a beautiful hardback, signed by me, and illustrated throughout–including the gorgeous colored endpapers pictured below. You can pre-order it here (yes, international shipping is available). Because there is a limited quantity, if you can’t stand to miss this one, place your order soon.

More to come.