Wise Words on Writing and Hard Work from David Wong

As anybody who’s familiar with my reading habits probably knows, I love David Wong. His books are wild and off-the-wall and appeal to my sometimes infantile sense of humor and always fervent love of the macabre. I can’t say enough good things about his books. And having seen what he posted on Goodreads today, I think it’s pretty clear why.


I get a lot of questions about writing and revision and most people seem to think it’s a sort of hobby I pursue in my off hours, but that’s not at all the case. Last night I spend three hours fixing one paragraph, and that’s not remotely anomalous. Art is hard work, and I think consumers and aspiring artists forget that sometimes.

Let David Wong be an object lesson. Writing is a craft of the ‘glacier’ class: only ten percent is creative inspiration. The rest is hard, hard work.