Books Show Off 5 (Recap)

I can only speak for me, but I had a great time last night at Books Show Off 5, which was graciously hosted by the Waterstones on Tottenham Court Road. People spoke on an eclectic range of topics, including Tolkien, Harold and Maude, elegiac dog poetry, inappropriate Latin, and sculptures that look like they’re having sex with angels. Nothing I said was that nearly that interesting, but I did manage to talk about Star Trek, porn stars, and Ernest Hemingway all in under nine minutes. Obviously what I was really talking about was writing.

Photo by Steven Cross

Specifically, what I talked about were all the steps involved in getting a book published–and the fact that there are so many more than you think there are until you’ve actually done it. But this was a nice reminder that we’re getting much closer to the finish line with Villains. We still have to figure out cover art and what goes on the dust jacket and a lot of other stuff that falls under the category of “How do we market this thing?” But in T-minus six months, it should be facing out on a shelf in a bookstore somewhere near you. And that will be an exciting day indeed (for me at least).