Signed Hardcover Giveaway

The If We Were Villains release is 22 days away, so it’s time for another giveaway, and this time you can win some combination of six different prizes (pictured below).

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The first place winner* will receive:

  • Signed hardcover If We Were Villains
  • The Riverside Shakespeare
  • Plush William Shakespeare to snuggle
  • Hamlet button from Shakespeare’s Globe

The second place winner will receive:

  • Signed hardcover If We Were Villains
  • Tragedy of their choice, Arden edition**
  • Hamlet button from Shakespeare’s Globe

The third place winner will receive:

  • Signed hardcover If We Were Villains
  • Hamlet pen from Shakespeare’s Globe
  • Hamlet button from Shakespeare’s Globe

To enter, click the link below and provide the necessary information. (You can do this starting tonight at midnight.)

IWWV Hardcover Giveaway

If you want to up your chances of winning, you can also share this post on social media (up to once a day, but please don’t spam your followers), and add the book on Goodreads. Following me on social media won’t help your chances this time around, but it is the best way to keep up with what’s happening with the book, tour dates, signings, etc. if you want to stay abreast of those. (Or if you just want to see cheesy insider pictures of the launch party.) You can find all my social media links here.

Please note, you are not eligible to participate if you have already won any other If We Were Villains giveaway or if you have received an ARC or galley. To enter to win first prize, you must provide a United States Shipping address. Second and third prize are open to international entrants.

The giveaway will run from March 21 until April 4. Winners will then be contacted, confirmed, announced, and will receive their prize on or after the April 11th release date.

Thanks for participating! Feel free to contact me with questions (but make sure you read this whole page twice first).


*must provide U.S. shipping address
**choose from Macbeth, Julius Caesar, Romeo & Juliet, or King Lear